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by Yule Heibel on January 22, 2019

I created what might perhaps be an odd structure on this site. For one whole year, from Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve 2017 to Thursday Thanksgiving 2018, I posted my “morning pages” entries from exactly one year earlier.

I called it, “So, Last Year…” – which could be read as, “So, last year this-and-this happened,” but alternately also as, “so last year,” as in: old, not up-to-date. “So Last Year” also conveniently abbreviated to the acronym SLY, which in a way I felt I was being by putting into the public sphere stuff that was (relatively) old, yet also about the now. It was my attempt to go back into my own lived experiences, always to the day, but from a year earlier, to seek a signal in all the noise. As is obvious, we’ve had a lot of noise in the last two to three years.

The series, if I may be allowed to call it that, kicked off with the Wednesday November 22, 2017 Thanksgiving Eve entry (which includes a February 6, 2018 update). I pinned that post to the top of this site for SLY‘s one-year duration (and for a couple of months after; it’s getting unpinned now, today, January 22, 2019). Now, if for any reason you find yourself here and reading an entry titled, say, November 22, 2017 (Wednesday), but published on Wednesday November 21, 2018, you’ll know what’s up …if you’ve read this user manual.

When SLY finished on Thursday November 22, 2018 Thanksgiving Day, I posted a good-bye letter. The series had given me a lot of satisfaction and (personal) insight, even if it didn’t lead me to a big “aha!” breakthrough moment. What I did notice, however, is how themes repeat, how little is new. Well, there are new things, but in terms of how they affect and shape you, they happen so slowly that you barely notice, in yourself. It really is like being the frog in the pot of water set to boil. Obsta principiis is all I can add. And that is a damned difficult thing to do.

I now want to continue with occasional posts – which I hope never devolve to hot takes, although they will be more immediate. No more one year lag.

SLY had its own category on this site (“so last year,” which for some reason also became the site’s name; no idea why, although I’ve just changed it to Yule Heibel Writes); the new posts will be categorized under “dispatches from a many-mansioned room.”

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