Mother’s Day

by Yule Heibel on May 4, 2003

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. You might want to visit a Spanish Amnesty International petition to save a Nigerian mother, Amina Lawal. She is to be buried up to her neck and then stoned to death. She was found guilty of adultery, the baby is considered evidence of the adultery, and she has only been allowed to stay alive this long so she could nurse her child.

A similar campaign by Amnesty might have contributed to saving another woman who had been similarly condemned, although it was also the case that her lawyers found a legal loophole. That petition garnered 2,600,000 signatures: your online signature might make a difference in Amina’s, too. This petition is in Spanish: enter your first name in the space marked “Nombre,” last name in “Apellidos,” state or province in “Provincia,” and country in “Pais.” Then click “Seguir” to go to second page, where you can enter your email address if you wish to receive follow up information. Finally, click “Aceptar” to have your name added to the petition list. Thanks to Victoria Indymedia for this alert.

PS: This site from the Merton Amnesty group has additional links and sample letters to send. The Canadian AI link suggests sending a letter or fax to the High Commissioner for Nigeria in Canada, albeit without specific reference to Amina Lawal.

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