About Me

Over the decades I have been paid to work as a bicycle-powered pharmacy delivery girl, a waitress (several times over), a tourist guide at an “undersea garden” (while wearing a “mermaid” costume), an assistant at a photographic processing and printing agency (where the boss tried to kiss and feel me up in the dark room), a construction worker, a wallpaper hanger, a painter, a secretary, a translator (German-English), an assistant in a rare prints department, a speaker, an art history professor, a journalist and magazine columnist. I have worked for no pay as a sculptor, a photographer, a designer, a homemaker, a mother, a homeschooling parent, a blogger, an arts development and arts advocate board member, an urban development forum member, and a community organizer.

I’ve published peer-reviewed art history articles, authored an academic book (which some think is quite the definitive work on the period), and contributed to two art history catalogs. Despite general evidence of  “smarts” in ye olde clan, I was the first person in my family and my generation to do anything academic …like, finish high school, go to university, earn graduate degrees, etc. Something to do with class and access to resources, I guess.

I’m a twice-over emigré, first to Canada as an eight year old child, then to the US about twenty years later. I have European roots, but I’m grateful I grew up in North America.

This is my November 2017 version of an “About Me.” There’s an older version here, written in 2014.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Which is one reason why I created SLY, aka So Last Year. See the intro.

Sometimes I make photo-blends. I’ll post some from time to time – like now…

Huey and Manchester Harbor

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