Timewarp Thursdays

by Yule Heibel on May 8, 2003

Betty Krawczyk and Jen Bradley were arrested today for blocking Weyerhaeuser Corporation’s access to a logging road in the Walbran Forest. See yesterday’s blog as well as May 3’s for more info. Krawczyk has now improved her chances of achieving one of her goals, which is to bring these forest management issues into the court system.


Permission to grumble: I wish I could go to the Thursday meetings, but I live about 3000 miles away. Any chance of these meetings going on live web-cam? Or perhaps having a LearnLinc-type workshop once in a while, for us techno-troglodytes who are visual-spatial learners and whose eyes glaze over at the sight of code? Confession: I have read the info for subscription, syndication, radio hosting, and so forth, and I know they are written in English words, but I can’t make sense of them. It reminds me of some particularly confounding papers I would get from engineering majors at MIT who were forced to take a humanities course and chose whatever art history course (an introduction, say) I was teaching. I knew those papers were in English, but it was like reading a foreign language. I need a translator, or else I just have to resign myself to letting my 9-year old daughter explain it to me.

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