Beep, beep: coffeetable crossing

by Yule Heibel on June 17, 2003

On June 1 I asked Where’s Laura? in my blog. I just found her, in a magazine, part of the get caught reading campaign. And what is the First Lady “reading”? A big intellectual tome? Nope, a coffee-table picture book about the American flag. (And she’s not actually reading it, instead facing the camera with a surprised grimace.)

I much prefer the Canadian librarians who are getting caught reading as they pose for a slightly naughty calendar. Miss October, sensual in a bubble-bath, is reading about Marguerite Duras, the author of The Lover.

Is it just me? I find that Miss October looks engrossed, intellectually concentrated, and physically sensual, but Mrs. Bush looks as though the book were a scary Mac truck and she got caught in the headlights.

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