Maewwadje bwings us here, or: I love Canada

by Yule Heibel on June 18, 2003

Everyone has heard by now that Canada is likely to join Belgium and the Netherlands — you have to love the contrast: the extra-large and the extra-small — in making same-sex marriage legal. I think marriage is a good thing for people and society (even if writing those words does make me think of Peter Cook in The Princess Bride). I’ve been married to the same man for 23 years — half (!) my life — and that’s not counting the 4 (?) years common-law that preceded it (if he reads this, he’ll kill me for forgetting…!). With six older sisters, and 16 nephews & nieces just on that side, I can testify that the married ones (they include straight and gay) generally seem happier. (In September another one is taking the plunge. That’s my nephew Mario 3rd from left, and his betrothed, Jeanne, 3rd from right.) I think Canada is heading in the right direction by legalizing marriage — for everyone.

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