Save-a-stamp time

by Yule Heibel on July 16, 2003

When we lived in Vancouver in the early 80s, we used to joke that Canada was the Italy of the north because you never knew what or who was going to be on strike next: anything could go at almost any time. When we moved to the US, we were amazed to have mail delivery on Saturdays, brought up as we were on the strictures of work to rule, with weekends sacrosanct time-off. And Reagan being President then, any US postie union member suggesting collective action would probably have been shot on sight. (Which is basically what R.R. did with the air traffic controllers, who can now go postal without benefit of a contract.) Well, next week it will likely be the Nada Post Service here since the Canadian postal union is set to strike, starting this Friday. Oh Canada.

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