It’s all in a day’s work for confuse-a-cat

by Yule Heibel on September 2, 2003

Julie, what a pointer, trop riche for sure. What I really want to post about, but won’t today because it’s already late & I’m fagged out, is this and this. Among the Adbuster article’s points is that “American advanced capitalism has ruthlessly exploited our comparison instinct. More than that, it encourages grossly pathological ways of comparing, both upward and downward.” To avoid being a loser, you need to be a pathological “Machiavellian workaholic who (…)uses money and status to compensate for a terribly disturbed early childhood.” Ain’t it grand?

Just for fun, gentle reader, consider the two images below while I sleep and perhaps convince my lazy bones to do a proper post tomorrow:

Over there on the right: Do you see an old crone or a young girl?

Here on the left: Do you see an old man or two lovers kissing?

Have another look at our superstar la principessa? What do you see, what are you supposed to see, what do you want to see, what must you see, what can you see, what does Ophelia see?

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jr September 3, 2003 at 10:50 pm

I see an old man, a young woman, and people trying to pass on the publicity gene.

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