What I did on my summer vacation is not the first assignment

by Yule Heibel on September 4, 2003

Homeschooling: Went to S.I.D.E.S. today to meet one of the secondary advisors. Very interesting meeting, and the kids left with new courses. They already have TLE Math (The Learning Equation) in hand, Emma with 7, Adam with 8. For additional courses we took home two Science 8’s; two English 10’s; two German 10’s (to meet the secondary language requirement, but also because it should be painless, and if they get used to the format, they can take French next…); one Socials 8 (for Emma) and one First Nations Studies 12 (for Adam). Obviously they’re not going to tackle everything at once, and pacing and spacing is going to be an interesting issue. Because we now take courses through a BC public distance education school, we’re considered by the Province to be distance learners vs homeschoolers. Someone should tell me that; it’s still homeschooling. What’s new for us is simply that there’s more “curriculum” in the equation and less “roaming the range unfettered,” and that there are advisors and graders available. But the change to more structure makes sense at this point, provided, that is, that we still goof off enough. Piano lessons and piano theory are on, and Emma’s choir (new for her this year) kicks off next week. (Looking at the picture on the front page, with QEII and choir in background on steps of Parliament Buildings in Victoria, I’m agog how white everyone is. What?, only Anglos sing?)

Lots going on. Should be an interesting year.

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