Yoo-hoo personal greeting

by Yule Heibel on September 13, 2003

This is for my nephew and his bride; what are blogs for if not also for putting personal greetings on the www:

Mario Nakazawa and Jeanne Epstein are getting married tomorrow — best of luck, you two! The wedding is too far away, so I thought I’d instead post a picture of Mario’s great-grandmother, Elisabeth (“Lisbeth”), nee Lampert, surrounded by her spouse and children. Perhaps embarass the groom a bit. Alas, no flat-bed scanner handy, though… But trust me, Mario and Jeanne, it’s actually a great photo, with the matriarch in mid-belly-laugh, while her youngest (my mother) looks broodingly, teen-age-ishly off-camera. A foretelling of sorts (the brooding), but the gran is great, and it’s something I’ve found useful to hang on to.

So, welcome to the family, Jeanne — remember there’s a streak of bossy outrageous matriarchal humour embedded here, and you’re fully entitled to mine it! (Lisbeth would definitely have approved.) Welcome, welcome, welcome, may you both live happily together, and may your derailleurs always work in synch.

(…Think they rode their bikes from Georgia? Hope not!)

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