Santa’s hot, Canada’s cool, and so on

by Yule Heibel on October 11, 2003

It appears that Santa and all his kin drowned when his abode fell into the sea: the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, the largest ice shelf in the Arctic, broke up in September and its finger-shaped North Pole section simply disappeared. No doubt many fundamentalists rejoice at this news since Santa was just a heathen hold-over elf, and it’s about time the earth’s degradation was brought to a decisive climax so that prophecy will be fulfilled and apocalypse visits us, again.

Meanwhile — even though it’s getting hotter — Canada is getting cooler. Naomi Klein already explored this theme months ago, but now the Toronto Star repeats it, albeit with news from the fashion front: Canadians are taking runways and designer houses by storm, but quietly.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about something nourishing: Susan Sontag, who will accept the German peace award at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Unlike those idiot fundamentalists, she has a brain and a voice, and she’s not afraid to use it.

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