Someone tell Mark…?

by Yule Heibel on December 13, 2003

For at least the past 7 days, I have not been able to access wood’s lot. (Mark: I see from referer stats that you have visited my site: I tried sending you email and it was returned as “undeliverable” and with “fatal errors”!) I can’t get to this site. And it’s very strange, as other people elsewhere can. Doug of Dynamic Drivel sagely suggested — after I contacted him via email — that it might be a routing error (huh?). I managed to get my husband Werner interested in the problem — he knows quite a bit of technical stuff, about as much as I don’t know, so …um, actually he knows quite a lot. Doug had suggested it might be a Telus problem, and given that Telus is majorly fubar’d up — in other words, they’re total idiots, everyone hates them, too — that was a possibility. (Our home IP is through, which eventually routes through Telus.) But it wasn’t Telus, as the traceroute Werner did went well past Telus; he went on, he pinged the IP address from our internet provider as well as directly from a Massachusetts source he accesses directly because of his work, and it was always the same: …nada. The trace times out, it dribbles away, the site is not accessible. This is driving me crazy. Now I just heard from Doug again that his traceroute search turned up the same situation: time out and so on. It looks like the server has a problem. Someone call, call Mark, get it fixed. I can’t stand to think of all the stuff I’m missing….

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