by Yule Heibel on January 7, 2004

This just in from the Toronto Star: Feds rule out ban on abattoir waste in cattle feed:

Federal officials have ruled out a ban on feeding slaughterhouse waste to cattle even though some government scientists say such a ban is the only way to be sure of stopping mad cow disease.

The reasoning — once you read down to the end — isn’t that “the science” doesn’t support a ban (as the ever-weaselly chief veterinarian for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Brian Evans, claims), but that the bureaucrats don’t think they can enforce it. In other words, Mr. Evans accepts as a given that the skunky crooked Canuck industrial farmer, as well (presumably) as the little guy, is going to skirt the law and feed cattle whatever is on hand.

Did you know that some farmers wean calves on blood?

What in heaven’s name are we doing here?

Let me get this straight: we have some really bad practices, and because the government says that it can’t regulate these practices, we’ll let them continue?

I have a headache.

Probably BSE.

And I think we need some new blood at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency….

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maria January 8, 2004 at 8:52 pm

Pretty scary scenario. One good thing about it maybe that if mroe people will find out how this works, then they will be less likely to buy beef … which might be the enforcer for the farmer, in the end. Or am I putting too much stock in this “free market” idea?

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