Hallucinating in a peignoir, bright lights

by Yule Heibel on January 27, 2004

I usually leave my occasionally oddball family out of the blog, but this is too good to resist. Have I mentioned before that two of my six older sisters live in Tokyo? Mesdames Ikuta and Nakazawa, sister number one and sister number six, respectively. The latter designs jewelry using rare and funky pearls, and the former is devoted to Japan’s Benevolent Cat Society (the link here is to an old article). But she is not just a blend-into-Japan matron in her 7th decade, a grandmother and a mother, a cat lover who goes on night-time stray-cat-catching raids and runs tag sales to raise money for her beloved felines: no, she’s currently on stage in an avant-garde theatre production called “Marcel hallucine” by Belgian-born Marc Hollogne. It seems they played initially in Tokyo (in December), and they’ve now been touring in other Japanese cities (Fukuoka, Sendai, Osaka, Nagoya). Read about the play here, in this Japan Times article by Masami Ito: Is it a film? Is it a play? No, it’s cinetheatre; Live action and the movies meet in the dreamlike world of ‘Marciel Hallucine’. Sounds like a wonderful play, and I wish I could go see it. But I’ve never been to Japan. For one thing, I’m allergic to cats….


Joel January 31, 2004 at 6:43 am

Poor Yule. That is truly a misfortune….to be allergic to the most understanding creatures on earth after a true partner….

Anonymous September 2, 2005 at 2:38 pm

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