Hey, Cath-o-lic boy, listen: Learning to Live

by Yule Heibel on February 19, 2004

A while ago I pointed to Elizabeth Fischer’s music, which she made available online. Take a listen, she just updated the page by adding the complete Animal Slaves lp Dog Eat Dog (Mo-Da-Mu, 1985). Just excellent. Listen in, really, right here.

I owe a couple of people some serious entries, and Fischer is one of them. So is Torben Sangild (who had some great comments on my Adorno series, begun and then not continued, hi Torben ;-)), and I owe me, yes, because I promised myself that series. My poor bourgeois brain is buried under a dirtload of domestic detritus too often, though, hence it’s been a while. And remember, I don’t believe that work makes you free, so I work very hard at being lazy (joke!, it actually comes naturally). It’s important to be lazy. But the series will continue. It’s coming, truly.

For now, Elizabeth Fischer, thank you for making your music available for all — you’re fantastic!

And you, if you haven’t clicked those links yet, get thee now, Analyzing, pronto-presto-immediamento, into the Eye of the Hurricane. Go!

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