Art class

by Yule Heibel on March 18, 2004

Sometime before passing him on to me, my high school art teacher told me that her lover (one of my fellow grade 12 students, an A-1 brat) needed “to have the shit kicked out of him.” Thirty years later I’m still quite foggy about what exactly she thought I might be able to do with him. But the other day it occured to me that the Hubble treatment, had it been available, would have been just the thing. Hubble’s view: be prepared to have the shit kicked out of you, to be scared witless, to be awed and amazed. Think you’re a big cheese? Think again, you insignificant speck of dust living on the equivalent of a planetary amoeba’s face. Prepare for the final frontier, prepare for contact. Prepare to meet the Art Teacher!

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