Let it flow

by Yule Heibel on July 14, 2004

Surely you didn’t think that Chris Locke‘s expertise could be limited to insights into Gonzo Marketing and New Age Folderol, did you? No, RageBoy also knows the fine art of fighting spills and chills with kitchen faucet sprayers, a long-lost counter-counter-counter technique he single-handedly and spontaneously revived when he faced an especially intractable foe. While devious invisible forces (aka a screen door) might fell mere mortals, RageBoy struck back with attenuated attachment. (Not to be confused with attachment theory. Remember, I said “counter,” i.e., on the counter, and “long-lost” perhaps due to kitchen detritus.) The sprayer-strategy should probably be used only by those at an advanced level of therapy: although technically still attached, it allows for the spontaneous release of the forces within, while the well-aimed detourned ejaculation imparts a welcome feeling of … improved self-esteem. Read about it here, …and note the neat button under that cute Armadillo picture.

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