Right of Way, Coming Through: What’s important these days, anyway?

by Yule Heibel on August 9, 2004

Well, hold on to your hats if Adam Sparks’s editorial, Why Kerry Will Lose The Election in the San Francisco Gate is on the money. What I really distrust in Sparks’s analysis is his manipulation of how we should perceive perception: Sparks regards the potentially popular perception that Kerry would be (marginally, infinitesimally) better than Bush as deluded, even as he disregards the more global (figuratively and literally) perception that a Bush re-election will be a major signpost on the road to enlightened false consciousness as insignificant. I guess that’s modern cynicism, with sharp elbows: delusion isn’t useful unless you can push it into the other guy’s boots, in which case it becomes pure rhetorical gold; but insignificance is always majorly ok as it preserves the status quo.

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