Holy flickr’ing batguano…

by Yule Heibel on August 31, 2004

Vacation – August05-22

Originally uploaded by Bananarama.

Hello, I’m testing the “blog this” feature on Flickr, and it’s
way too fast for me.  This is a photo of an old “castle”
(actually, a McMansion of its day) a few blocks from where I live — it
was posted on Flickr by Bananrama, and I hit the “blog this” button on
that wonderful site while I was composing my own entry.  But guess
what?  Those super-efficient Vancouver lads and ladies made sure
it really did: blogged it pronto.  Well, try the links that came
with it, since Banarama has some other interesting “Victoria” (and
other locale) photos, and do try out Flickr. 

I’m back to trying the entry I was working on, dusting off the old
hammer and chisel, in readiness for the slower pace I’m used to…

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