“CEO Pay Soars at Companies That Send Jobs Overseas”

by Yule Heibel on September 1, 2004

This interesting bit of news just in via the Institute for Policy Studies: an article documenting executive (excessive) remuneration, which we’re sometimes told has to be very high because of the risks executives take. Not quite true, however:

One rationale for high CEO pay is that CEOs bear tremendous risks and responsibilities for their companies, yet the report found that CEOs are far more financially secure than those risking their lives in war. Average CEO pay is 56 times more than the pay for a US Army general with 20 years experience ($144,932) and 634 times more than the pay for a starting U.S. soldier ($12,776). [More…]

The Institute for Policy Studies also links to a transcript of Miriam Pemberton’s August 24 NPR commentary, Campaign Bait and Switch.

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