Comment, instead of post

by Yule Heibel on November 24, 2004

Instead of a post, the esteemed possibly interested reader can peruse an overly long comment I wrote for Monday’s entry, here (click on comments to read). My comment addresses a couple of aspects of why I went on that rant by going into some detail on Joseph Heath’s The Efficient Society; Why Canada Is As Close To Utopia As It Gets. (For a useful review of the book, see here (from Globe & Mail 2001), too.

[Added bonus (for my purposes anyway): due to a configuration fluke, one word in my comment, personal, which I had put in quotation marks, links to a post from April 18 (I think), 2003. I started blogging on March 31, 2003, so it’s a really ‘young’ entry. Scroll up and there’s a bit about Colin Powell and the Iraq war as analysed by David Olive. Maybe blogs do have their uses, archivally, psychologically, and all that….]

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