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by Yule Heibel on June 18, 2005


We all know that newspaper links in blogs can be iffy, since they tend to deteriorate or get locked up behind a user-fee wall. But here’s an item from the Globe and Mail, repeated more or less in the Hindustan Times “Health” section (and elsewhere), that made me wonder just what kind of animals we really are.

Or whether we are indeed animals at all. Perhaps humans are just machines, removed from the cycles of nature and not worthy of the designation animal or sentient being. It sure looks as if we’re out to make sure that other animals wish they weren’t sentient beings…

So, we’ve all heard about the second case of Mad Cow disease in the US by now.

Dig a little deeper. It turns out that the people who raise beef cattle feed chicken shit (you read that right) to cows:

Ground-up cattle remains can be fed to chicken, and chicken litter is fed back to cattle. Poultry feed that spills from cages mixes with chicken waste on the ground, then is swept up for use in cattle feed. Scientists believe the BSE protein will survive the feed-making process and may survive being digested in chickens.


Besides being fed to poultry, cattle protein is allowed in feed for pigs and household pets, creating the possibility it could mistakenly be fed to cattle. [More…]

More on this story in the Globe and Mail article, called Mad Cow Back on the Menu?.

Quoting John Stauber, the G&M’s Libby Quaid writes,

“Once the cameras were turned off and the media coverage dissipated, then it’s been business as usual, no real reform, just keep feeding slaughterhouse waste,” said John Stauber, an activist and co-author of Mad Cow USA: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?

He contended that “the entire U.S. policy is designed to protect the livestock industry’s access to slaughterhouse waste as cheap feed.”


…it is legal to put ground-up cattle remains in chicken feed. Feed that spills from cages mixes with chicken waste on the ground, then is swept up for use in cattle feed.

Scientists believe the BSE protein will survive the feed-making process and may even survive the trip through a chicken’s gut.

That amounts to the legal feeding of some cattle protein back to cattle, said Linda Detwiler, a former Agriculture Department veterinarian who led the department’s work on mad cow for several years.


Rendering companies contend that new restrictions would be costly and create hazards from leftover waste. They say changes are not justified.

“We process about 50 billion pounds of product annually — in visual terms, that is a convoy of semi trucks, four lanes wide, running from New York to L.A. every year,” said Jim Hodges, president of the meatpacking industry‘s American Meat Institute Foundation. [note: the meatpacking industry is a huge employer of illegal immigrant slave labour, so it’s a real double-plus good situation we have here…. Get your karmic hamburger, hold the bun.][More…]

If this link decays, try the Hindustan Times (Wide open gaps may cause Mad Cow to strike back) or the google results page cited above.

What does this have to do with my (theoretical) shit, as in “Eat my shit”? It’s a long story. It has to do with the Marquis de Sade and his renowned coprophilia (and coprophagia, painfully examined in Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom by Pier Paolo Pasolini, which dared to compare the Sadean universe with fascism (which upset all the leftist French intellectuals intent on rehabilitating and defending Sade, but they completely misunderstood Pasolini’s critique), and it has to do with Adorno & Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment, which examined Sade (and Nietzsche) and dared to compare the philosophy of the latter to outcomes under Nazism and totalitarianism.

It’s all of a cloth, and that cloth is an asswipe.

The point is, for modern consciousness, with its dead deities and moribund morals, nature cannot provide a barrier. Nature is something to be dominated and conquered, and nature furthermore provides no moral precepts whatsoever. Life or death: they seem to be irrelevant to nature. Nature, it appears, does not care, and it’s only the gloss of religion or New Age folderol that makes it look as though Nature does. Against that, it’s always possible to reason: rational people know that “god” (meaning) is dead. That’s what the infant Sade, powerless, unable even to crawl, knows in his darkest heart: nature doesn’t give a shit. The next step, therefore, is easy: if the archaic monsters (or gods) from the past are finally dead, and if nature doesn’t care, what is to stop the hubris of man? Nothing. Nothing at all. That’s why we can feed chicken shit to cows (who are ruminants and vegetarians) and call it progress and call it rationalisation. That’s why we can create self-sustaining machines (especially corporate machines) that will destroy us in the end — machines that literally and figuratively are 4 lanes deep, and stretch the width of a whole continent if not the circumference of the world, of which we are of course the sovereigns. And that’s why we (not just I) say, Eat My Shit.


maria June 19, 2005 at 1:39 pm

Yule … what a great post! And frightening, the way it cuts right through to the lower intestines…!

Yule Heibel June 19, 2005 at 3:50 pm

It’s pretty sickening, isn’t it? I wanted to add something about how all the hullabaloo about the immorality of feeding cows all that grain (you know, how it takes a gazillion wheat fields to produce one steak, etc., while elsewhere people don’t have enough to eat) has been “rationalised” away because the producers have figured out that it’s cheaper to feed the cattle garbage (literally!), and, added bonus for them, it gets the “don’t feed all that grain to cows when there are people starving” set off their backs. But then I thought that it’s complicated enough already.

There’s only so much irony a body can stand.

joseph duemer June 20, 2005 at 6:32 pm

And did you know there are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world? They pretty much eat shit & die too. Mmmmm. More steak?

Gina January 17, 2007 at 2:16 am

Well here is what and who i blame. Cuation this might hurt some religious ppl. This inhumane treatment of animals and feeding of shit I would say has to trace back to religions (middle eastern religions; christianity, islam and juadism) who have this notion that man is over animals and animals dont’ have souls; and animals are only put on this earth as food for humans. If these religions didn’t give the humans that preception that animals are only for food ( and your service.. leather etc) then we would have respected animals and woudn’t make them eat shit and grow them in factories.

I am a sikh so I am taught that I shoudn’t eat animals since they also have souls and are living beings. We are supposed to respect animals ( we aren’t suppoesd to pray to them … prayign to animals comes under hinduism… ) But we are supposed to eat crops and vegetation. Only in the event that your life depends on eating meat. Say if you are in a situation where there is no food available and you would die if you did’nt kill an animal, in that event you can kill and even then you have to take the head off of the animal in one blow; this way the head is not connected to the body any more and the animal doesn’t feel the pain. But since most of the slaughter houses have a jewish influence in ownership and/or almost 1.2 billion of the muslims, ask for kosher/halal animal slaughtering these slaughter houses slit the throat of the animal half way through and let it bleed to death. They say halal/kosher drains the blood out of the body of the animal hence it is healthy.. i ask there are billions in china and millions in india and billions in america who eat nonHalal/kosher animals are we all dead.. what diseases did we get none. Muslims and jewishppl also say that kosher/halal is taking the name of god before killing for food and hte food becomes blessed. I ask them what about in the case of fish why dont you have kosher seafood. SO STOP THE TORTURE.. IF YOU ARE KILLING FOR THE TASTE OF YOUR OWN TOUNGE ATLEAST DONT TORTURE THE POOR ANIMAL. GOD HAS GIVEN US ENOUGH VEGETATION TO FEED OURSELVES BUT WE WONT STOP KILLING — SO ATLEAST MAKE SURE YOU DONT MAKE THE ANIMAL SUFFER WHEN IT DIES. DONT MAKE IT BLEED TO DEATH.

I am trying to live and eat by the rules of God; the rules which forbit me to kill animals if my life doesn’t depend on it. Right now I have been conditioned since birth to eat meat but i am taking hte first step.. i have always made sure where ever i eat meat i ask is this meat “halal/kosher” if they say yes I will not eat that chicken/meat doesn’t matter how good the food looks or how starved i am .

So i urge all you brothers and sisters to take the first step in helping stop the cruelty against animals. Make sure the stuff that you buy is non-halal AND non kosher type meats if you feel the NEED to eat the meat. This will actually help us be more compassionate towards the animals and from there we can get more and more compassionate.

Please reply at if you have any comments with subject animal slaughter POST.


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