Come up for air, stand up for air

by Yule Heibel on September 3, 2005

Via Dave Pollard, a link to a video by DJ Paul Edge called We Will Not Be Silenced. Check it out.


I think it was while reading around on the links provided by Dave Pollard’s readers that I came across the notion that Hurricane Katrina could be the environmental movement’s “9/11,” in the sense that 9/11 focussed the Rightwingers and pro-war faction, allowing them to push for war, and Katrina could galvanise the environmentalists in the sense that it has made ecological disaster vivid. But hasn’t it really in fact made social injustice breathlessly vivid, to the point of having us all pass out in a heap of dissociation? Breathless, breathtaking injustice. Air, we need air.

That’s why I’m pointing to We Will Not Be Silenced. Justice is like air. It’s absolutely necessary. Stand up for justice. Breathe.

Smothered by lies, we consume pictures captioned like this: white people “find,” black people “loot” — see here. (This one via comments in The Happy Tutor.) That sort of bias is the crap smothering the last breath from decent society.

Many thanks to Shelley for her kind welcome back after my month-long hiatus, and for all her other great articles about Katrina — the prequel, and now the aftermath. No hot air here, just good clean oxygen. A must-read is her article A Will and a Big Water, which sums up the history of the great Mississippi flood of 1927. Back then,

“In Greenville, Mississippi over 13,000 blacks are stranded on the levee without food and water and little protection from the elements. When boats arrive to rescue those flooded out, only the whites are picked up, because the plantation owners in the area are worried that if the blacks are ferried out, they won’t return to farm the land.” [More…]

Justice. Everywhere, like air. For everyone. Not like this.

[update: the speaker in the video is probably Rev. Grayland Hagler, United Church of Christ pastor at the Plymouth Congregational Church in Washington DC. See here (scroll down 2/3rds) and here.]

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