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by Yule Heibel on September 5, 2005

Although I don’t get tv, I managed to catch up on some crucial items via Crooks and Liars on Sunday. For anyone who hasn’t seen these, watch and make up your own mind. Two that stood out:

The Shep Smith and Geraldo duo live on the Hannity/Colmes show (Fox, Friday), permalink to the video clip here (choose Quicktime or the other program).

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard interviewed by Tim Russert on Meet the Press, permalink to both Quicktime and the other version here.

Crooks and Liars has many other interviews/ newsclips — a useful resource for the tv-less.

Judge Rehnquist has died, and the situation in Louisiana has almost entirely slipped off the “front page” of the news. It was strange. Wham, just like that, from a morning to an afternoon, the media landscape (*) simply changed. (* at least the internet news media landscape, google news, for example, and others.)

Just for the record, I despised David Brooks on the NewsHour via this video clip, and thought he was unloading a cart of horseshit. He says that Hurricane Katrina was “…the anti-9/11. Just in terms of public confidence. When 9/11 happened, Giuliani, was right there. And just as a public presence, he was forceful. No public presence like that now. So you had a surge of strength; people felt good about the country even though we’d been hit on 9/11. Now we’ve been hit again in a different way (and) people feel lousy. People feel ashamed. And in part that it because of the public presentation. In part that is because of the failure of Bush to understand immediately the shame people felt.”

What a pile of bs. People felt “good” about the alleged “surge of strength” after 9/11 (oh god, give me strength in the face of “virile man-talk” like this!) because they could identify an outsider as the enemy (which is why people who questioned whether or not America/ The West had done anything to bring this on itself were so reviled). Puh-lease. Surge of strength. What horsecrap.

Maybe people wouldn’t feel so “bad” now (presumably the opposite of how people were feeling so “good” after 9/11) if anyone had actually gone into the Hurricane Katrina disaster area in a timely fashion and in fact helped people…??

Oh, but wait. I wrote “watch and make up your own mind.” So don’t let me influence anybody here…

[Wanted to post this on 9/4, but couldn’t (server unavailable?), so it’s real old tv now. But still worth re-viewing. In fact, these clips, and Crooks & Liars other gems, are for the permanent archive.]

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