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by Yule Heibel on December 3, 2005

Some projects I’d like to write:

• why the paintings of Takao Tanabe remind me of Gustave Courbet’s
• why Mowry Baden is a derivative sculptor whose work is internally incoherent
• why early 20th century so-called “heritage” residential Victoria “architecture” should, for the most part, be torched to the ground so that nothing of it is left standing (hint: it has something to do with the fact that it’s a style that hearkens back to pseudo-baronial/medieval fantasies that only the terminally impotent and incompetent marooned in the last outpost of English colonial empire could dream up), and that none of that style should benefit from so-called “heritage” status
• (relative to the previous entry:) why some of our Victoria guardians of “heritage culture” have their heads up their arses
• why the current Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is a hideous building not worthy to house a collection of recycled tin cans, and why it will never ever be a decent art gallery, and why it should just be closed for all intents of showing art and Victoria instead should have a completely new building for art gallery
• why Victoria hasn’t changed very much at all in the last 35 years, although it has changed dramatically in becoming more rotten: the number of homeless (including people who are drug-addicted, mentally ill, and “hard to house”) is exponentially higher than it was 3 decades ago, and instead of dealing with the crisis, Victorians (who are largely newcomers) prefer to wring their hands over comparatively insubstantial issues like downtown parking or graffiti problems. Wake up and smell the crystal meth, people…
• why we don’t need any more idiotic “spirit bears” or realistic sculptures (even of Emily Carr) cluttering up the downtown.

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