Sending files, nuking email

by Yule Heibel on December 9, 2005

I just confirmed through trial and error that I cannot receive any mail sent to my yheibel AT post DOT harvard DOT edu address if it has files attached. This presumably also applies to people who have “signatures” that include files (a picture, a business card, whatever), although I particularly suspect Word files as being the culprits that trigger the gates to close. I guess it’s a way to keep viruses out, but it would be nice if one were informed of this by the gatekeepers… For example, if a third party hadn’t forwarded an email to my Gmail account, I wouldn’t even know that an important packet of documents from the Victoria Urban Development Agreement never reached me.

I hope no one else sent me anything significant with files attached — I won’t have received it.

What I don’t know is whether the gates are at Gmail or at Post Harvard, which provides the email forwarding service. I’m not even sure when exactly this started. I know that Gmail readily receives email with documents attached, but I don’t know if it does so when the email comes via a forwarding service. (I have sent an email to Post Harvard to ask if the mail is getting deleted at their end.) If it’s getting deleted by Gmail (and they don’t tell you that they’ve nuked your mail, and it doesn’t appear in the sp*m folder either), it might be time to switch…

Edit/Update: I received mail back from Harvard. The glitch is not happening at their end, so it must be Gmail’s fault. Beats me how one is supposed to contact them directly to inquire, though. All I can find are “help” pages, but nowhere to submit a query…

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