Library Thing (again…)

by Yule Heibel on February 2, 2006

Ok, Library Thing is way too addictive: just a couple of days into the process and I’m 22 books shy of upgrading to a lifetime account. And I can hardly wait because I’ve only managed to get two shelves catalogued so far — there are many more that number to go. Many more. It’s very easy to use, and while there have been some wait times while Tim Spalding ugraded to a new server over the last few days, it’s a real breeze inputting data. I’ve noticed that I get fussy at times and try to make sure I’ve actually catalogued the very edition I have, but other times (with mass market stuff), I figure that the pretty picture from Amazon is good enough and who cares if I have the 1998 edition or the 2000, if it’s not a revision, that is… The main thing is that it’s a mnemonic for me: this is a book some version of which I have, and it’s now been tagged so that I can find it when I’m looking for a particular subject. It’s also been incredible fun getting reacquainted with some old friends.

And yes, it is a bit narcissistic, but all in good fun: I can check my “fun statistics” page and discover that out of the 178 books I’ve catalogued so far, only 48 are titles “shared” with other Library Thing users. And yo!, I haven’t even started on my obscure stuff yet!

Great work, Tim, really! This is one hell of a useful (and fun) application…

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