My “Victoria City Style Council” wiki

by Yule Heibel on July 17, 2006

As I already mentioned on this blog, some time ago I started a wiki about Victoria, BC, called Victoria City Style Council. A small number of people have made a contribution or two, but to date it’s still very much my little project.

The other day it occured to me that I could use this blog, sadly dormant since February (the small awakening during the transfer from Manila to WordPress notwithstanding), to keep track of when I update the wiki and to help me manage the ball of wax I’m creating over there.

Those of you who used to read my blog know that I can jump all over the place — and Victoria City Style Council is becoming similarly rangy. The wiki also has a nested structure, which means that articles appear as sub-pages of main headings, and therefore aren’t visible on the main navigation sidebar. Yes, I’ve tagged them, but I still have a sense of impending doom over a lack of oversight as to how things are organised over there…
Hence, what follows is a list of key pieces thus far, and as I add more, I’ll add links to same on this blog.

Buildings is a useful page, since I added links to all my “BC Archives” research bookmarked on my diigo account. (I still have invitations to diigo to give out, and if anyone wants one, let me know and I’ll send it your way…

Sex in the City (oh yeah!) is one of those typical Yule Heibel specials… It is nested under the Opinion/ Essays section, which also includes Natural Capitalism and Cities, Style v. Substance, Sustain and Retain – A Short History of the Upper Harbour (by “Aurelian”), and The Urban Cliff Revolution is happening in our western suburbs.

Most of the above links (except for “Sex in the City” and the BC Archives links on “Buildings”) are older. The following are some other newer links, representative perhaps of how this wiki is starting to get rangy:

Greens promote “denser” communities, call for expansion of public transit via LRT gets into highway expansion issues, and appended as a subpage is the email I wrote on July 15 in support of rail expansion. And speaking of “letters,” I also used the wiki to publish a Letter to the Editor of our local paper, because I’m 100% certain that the paper won’t publish the letter. The “Letter(s) to the editor” subpage set-up will probably change over time since I will need to add additional letters eventually.

Future updates:

As long-time readers of my blog might remember, my iBook broke some months ago and since then my camera and computer communication has been non-existent. It’s a problem I need to fix since I would like to post photos of current buildings/ streetscenes on the wiki. It’s because of this technical glitch that I also didn’t see the point in renewing my flickr account, and I was mortified to see that because of this, all of my older photos (i.e., beyond the 200 allowed on a free account) were deleted. I had many, many photos of construction sites around town — all gone. Thanks (NOT!), flickreenos…
Back to the wiki: I also added an interesting and useful links section that will probably see expansion over time, and there is also a page with Victoria MainStreamMedia links.

Under construction: a bibliography/ resources page that links to great articles, books, etc., some of which I’ll annotate.

All future “Victoria City Style Council” blog entries will be tagged wiki_victoria. Stay tuned for more as it comes online…

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