Arts News Canada: Most Valued Resource

by Yule Heibel on July 21, 2007

Just a big shout-out today to Marianne Lepa, who edits and publishes Arts News Canada every weekday, and thereby provides a hugely valuable resource for the arts in this country. Not only does she pull together all the relevant bits from what seems like just about every news source in Canada, but she sorts each item into sections that take you straight to your topic of interest. Arts Business? Scroll down to that section, or click the link to see all the articles in that rubric. Ditto Opinion and Media & Broadcasting and Literary Arts and Film & TV and Dance and Performing Arts and Music and Visual Arts… You get the picture. I mean, you really get the picture!

Especially wonderful for users of Arts News Canada is Marianne’s ability to sum up the gist of each article in a brief paragraph — you know whether or not you need to click through because you’re given the context. And if all that isn’t enough, you can subscribe to get an email summary of the day’s articles delivered to your inbox.

Thanks, Marianne, for providing such a great service! (Note: there is a “tip jar” for contributions to help keep Arts News Canada online…)

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