Testing outside.in…?

by Yule Heibel on August 4, 2007

For months now, I’ve had an account with outside.in, and for months I’ve wondered whether they’d ever include Canadian sites & blogs in the network.

A couple of days ago, outside.in’s Crysanthe Tenentes sent around an email to let members know that it’s easier than ever to get your blog posts about your neighbourhood, your places, your spaces listed, so here’s a bit of guerilla testing on my part. According to the email, all I have to do is embed the Google maps code (“link to this page”) into my blog post, and submit that post to outside.in. I can also use a zip code tag — well, actually, I can’t, since we have postal codes (not zips) in Canada. Or I can use the “where” tag (also no good since it relies on zip code). And I could use the GeoRSS feed, but that takes a bit of looking into on my part.

I’ll just test the google maps embedded link first. So here goes:

I had lunch at Zambri’s Restaurant today. We arrived just after one, when the lunch crush had already abated. It was a simple meal, but quite good: all four of us had pasta dishes, some with squid, some with gorgonzola sauce, some with sausage, some with …something else. No wine today — alas, we felt abstemious.

Afterward, the kids walked home and W. & I looked at men’s suits at Hughes on Yates. Didn’t find anything, though.

Later that afternoon, we went to Pic-a-Flic in Cook Street Village before heading down to Dallas Road so that our dog Jigger could have a nice romp in the late afternoon sun. We had that typical west coast sun today: the kind that’s all golden and brings a certain glow into the shadows, which are rich, deep, and long late in the afternoon. The breeze picked up and I almost wished I had brought a sweater. We have the best summers here.

…Well, so now my readers can get an idea of how I spent part of my Saturday. But I have the feeling that outside.in’s ability to register Canadian locations is still in the R&D stage. The search box won’t allow searches for places that aren’t in the US. It’s too bad — the application is (imo) extremely interesting in terms of how it aggregates web-based/ blog-based information that relates to actual locales.

UPDATE, 8/5/07: It works! Here’s my map on outside.in for this entry… Now I just need some neighbours — other Victoria bloggers, in other words!

ONE MORE UPDATE: I just left a comment on outside.in’s blog, asking for more information. My map is visible, but I can’t “find” Victoria from the outside.in start page. I hope that’ll change soon, and Canadian bloggers can use this app to share information about their local places…

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