My FOCUS Magazine articles, online at last (eventually…)!

by Yule Heibel on September 12, 2007

For too long I’ve left my intention to post my monthly FOCUS Magazine articles on the backburner, but this morning I at least took a first step toward figuring out the best way to get them online.

What I’ll be doing is converting my Word file submissions (which were published) into PDFs (and adding an illustration or two, if readily available — my articles typically are illustrated in some way, but those illustrations aren’t available to me without more time-consuming scanning, so I’ll just substitute something appropriate where available; if nothing is available, then I’ll just convert the text to PDF).  I tried some weeks ago to scan the magazine pages, to see if I could upload these as PDFs, but found that the quality / legibility took a nosedive. For that reason, creating a PDF based on the plain text is my best bet.

[Edit: I eventually figured out how to get the quality & size of PDFs, created from scanned pages of the magazine.)

Ok, so far only September is up — in the coming days, I’ll be working backwards to last year when I started, and forward to next month once October rolls around.

I’ll also post notices to the articles here, as they become available. First up is September’s Of ducks and decorated sheds, which you can read by clicking the link.

(Update, 12/17/08: I changed the links for the September article to direct readers to Scribd, which is where all my articles are uploaded to now.)

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