by Yule Heibel on November 19, 2007

Another intriguing link from Digital Urban: Collaborative Virtual Architecture – Wikitecture …Well, “wikitecture,” who would have predicted that 10 years ago? I admit, this is something yours truly needs to explore before she can really comment.

But it’s serendipidous at the very least, to run across this nugget now, as I’m thinking about social apps and their effect on the representation of place. This might not be a social app as such, but “wiki” does imply a collaborative paradigm that didn’t quite exist in quite this way before the web got us all to play along…

The people behind the concept ask

Can mass collaboration and collective intelligence improve the quality of architecture and urban planning?

Right now it’s still on the level of an experiment in Second Life, but at some point I could see this integrated seamlessly into community visioning sessions.

But don’t ask me just yet how I actually feel about it all. Frankly, I wasn’t won over by the design that got built in the video clip…

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