Auto de Feo: the Beat goes on

by Yule Heibel on December 10, 2007

I would be very interested in seeing this exhibition, if I were in Brooklyn or nearby enough: Michael de Feo curating a group of street artists in Behind the Seen (starting on Dec.13, through January 15/08). Admittedly, change in age and circumstance has led me to lose my natural taste for much beyond-the-pale kind of boundary-pushing-into-what,-exactly cultural production. But you have to keep in mind that (unless my memory fails utterly) Michael de Feo is Jay de Feo‘s son. And that imparts quite a pedigree — he came by his vocation through immersion. Pointer to this exhibition via Cool Hunting: Behind the Seen.

More on Jay de Feo here, here, and here. And the wikipedia article on The Rat Bastard Protective Association

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