Your reception is just fine…

by Yule Heibel on December 19, 2007

…the fiddling is happening at my end.

I’m exploring different themes — bored as I am with being confined to my house (and even my bed) because of this pesky pneumonia. I’ve settled on what I think is a very nice, functional theme, which (unlike the previous ones) gives me some options in changing the header — including adding images.

So excuse the construction, I might zip through variations pretty quickly (or not). Currently (3:23 PST) I uploaded an image of ladies having afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel, probably in the 40s. The theme requires that I crop the image significantly, so I’m not sure I’ll keep this one.

But I like that it has people in it. The problem is that the white lettering of my blog’s name doesn’t show up well, so let’s see if I can fiddle with that, too… !

It’s too bad I don’t have the energy (8 days of not getting enough oxygen will do that to you) to scan my FOCUS Magazine articles and upload them as PDFs to my blog, because the “my articles in FOCUS Magazine” link is now right in the header, which is great. But the thought of fooling around with the scanner and another machine (vs. my laptop in bed) is too much, so it’ll have to wait.

Here’s a full view of the image:

Tea at the Empress


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