Diigo Daily Public Links, update

by Yule Heibel on December 23, 2007

Since that first, overly surfeited with information, Diigo Daily Public Links blog a couple of days ago, I altered the parameters — cleverly, I thought, to include only the links themselves, tagged “links” (so that the entry would be tagged “links” on my blog). Not a good idea, because what I inadvertently did was to set it so that only links I tagged “links” (vs. “urbanism,” cities,” or any of my other tags) would make it through the filter. Hence, nothing made it through, as I didn’t tag any of my bookmarks with “links.”

Ok, I went back to the Diigo site just now and fixed my mistake. Let’s see if it works now. Haven’t bookmarked anything in the last few hours, and don’t know if I will this afternoon, either. So it will probably be slim pickings for a while longer.

Stay tuned, I guess!

Update 2: It’s late afternoon, and my Daily Public Link just got posted.  It includes the link/ title of the article, and my main description, but as per my settings, none of what I underlined or any of my notes.

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