Daily Diigo Public Link 12/28/2007

by Yule Heibel on December 27, 2007

La dolce vita turns sour as Italy faces up to being old and poor – Times Online Annotated

– relates to my blog entry Dec.23/07,”High Rents=Mamma’s Boys?” Interesting comments thread, with many agreeing w/ article, others saying that it’s not so bad. In either case, stagnation seems to be setting in (symptom of what?, political corruption?, more than that?). Sounds like a Donna Leon mystery come to life (as fiction, that’s great, but as reality, that’s not a compliment…).
One of the comments came from http://www.ilquiquiri.com/ who pointed to (his?) YouTube video of his region festering under the garbage strike (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6gpnIK-WY0) : very graphic.

The world goes to town | Economist.com Annotated

– article published in May 2007; “After this year the majority of people will live in cities. Human history will ever more emphatically become urban history, says John Grimond.” Rural contribution to human progress has been slight compared to urban contributions.

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