Daily Diigo Public Link 12/31/2007

by Yule Heibel on December 30, 2007

Most Admired Knowledge City — MAKCi — Awards

– the English in this PDF is really difficult to plow through — you can tell it was written by non-native speakers, who commit all the sins: bureaucratic language overly reliant on passive voice; overburdened sentences that (due to passive voice) avoid having a proper subject; academic pedanticisms, etc. But otherwise possibly a useful reference (maybe). Via CEOs for Cities.

A Streetcar of Solace Is Back in New Orleans – New York Times Annotated

Adam Nossiter reports on the St.Charles line (downtown/ French Quarter / uptown connector), back in action in New Orleans. Many useful references for public space, urban fabric connections, lived history experiences. (via CEOs for Cities blog)

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