Daily Diigo Public Link 01/05/2008

by Yule Heibel on January 4, 2008

Government and Globalization: What kind of public service does Canada need…

“Government and Globalization: What Kind of Public Service Does Canada Need in Order to Thrive in the Knowledge Economy?” by Michael Lister; 23 page PDF, published by the Public Policy Forum 2007.

Urbanisation / Urban Growth interactive map (BBC)

Via Regine (we make money not art), a useful link to an Interactive Map: Urban Growth, with timeline, major world cities, and urban-rural split per continent.

The Building, Digitally Remastered (MIT Technology Review)

First page of a 9-page feature on high-style new architecture based on digital modeling/ digital engineering. Some of it is really breath-taking; some of it does nothing for me, though, and seems gimmicky. Includes a link to a multmedia page showing how computer modeling has revolutionized building design and construction. The multimedia (video) is fantastic.

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