Daily Diigo Public Link 02/12/2008

by Yule Heibel on February 11, 2008

» Toronto Prairie: Our (almost) missing style • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape

tags: architecture, frank_lloyd_wright, prairie_style, spacing.ca, textile_block_system, toronto

Short post by Spacing Toronto’s Thomas Wicks on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style, specifically one lone example of same in Deer Park, a suburban T.O. neighbourhood. I added a comment, re. the house’s use of what looks like the textile block system.

» One Book: Natural Light • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape

tags: adaptability, architecture, lighting, spacing.ca, toronto

Essay reflecting natural light usage in Victorian architecture by Spacing Wire’s Dylan Reid. “Perhaps, in their appreciation for and management of natural light, our Victorian predecessors can remind us of an important consideration in city-building.” I added a comment to his entry.

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