Daily Diigo Public Link 02/13/2008

by Yule Heibel on February 12, 2008

Factors in Canadians’ Cultural Activities – Research for the arts – Hill Strategies Research | Recherche Inc.

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“Are the arts elitist? This report shows that cultural experiences are more important than demographic factors in four cultural activities:

* Reading a book;
* Attending live performances;
* Visiting art galleries; and
* Movie theatre attendance.”

Includes links to PDFs of relevant research and findings.

The Lawyers Weekly: From A to Z: new developments in Canadian technology law

tags: canada, copyfight, law, michael_geist, net_neutrality, technology

A fascinating A-Z compendium of new developments in Canadian technology law, by Michael Geist. Examples: “J is for the Jewish New Year cards Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent to thousands of Canadians. The cards raised uncomfortable privacy questions about the collection and use of personal information by Canada’s political parties.” Or: “Q is for QuebecTorrent, the Quebec-based “torrent tracker” that was sued by a group of cultural groups on the grounds that the site facilitates copyright infringement.” And: “S is for shaping, the controversial ISP practice that limits the bandwidth allocated to certain applications. The growing use of traffic shaping by Canadian ISPs led to mounting calls for net neutrality legislation.”

Positive psychology exhausts me: Requires so much self-discipline. » Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk

tags: brazen_careerist, happiness, humour, penelope_trunk, positive_psychology, psychology, selfdiscipline

Very true and very “LOL” column by The Brazen Careerist on “self discipline” and the “happiness” movement. Maybe I’d be have more energy if I just succumbed to my rudderless inner slob…

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