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by Yule Heibel on February 26, 2008

Here’s one reason students Barack the vote: respect – Crosscut Annotated

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Wow, and wow again! U-Dub communications prof David Domke describes how his citizen-journalist blogger students were treated by the politicians campaigning for president, and the differences between Hillary & Barack are astounding.

One of Domke’s students, Jennifer Ware, describes it like this: “John McCain spoke in Seattle (the same day) to about 500 people at the Westin Hotel’s conference room. Clinton spoke to a gathering of 5,000 at a waterfront pier (on February 7). Obama spoke at Key Arena, home to the Seattle Supersonics; it seats 18,000 and it wasn’t nearly big enough. People were sitting on the stairs, in the aisles. Seasoned reporters were smiling and nodding softly as he spoke. Some people had tears in their eyes when he came on stage. There’s all kinds of spin out there, but you simply can’t spin those numbers. Or the stark contrast to the others in the race.”

Domke adds, further down: “It seems that the take-home point here is this: The Clinton campaign has made the case that Obama is nothing but rhetoric; he’s supposedly all words, while she’s all action. Our experiences showed us that their campaigns — at least in Seattle — were exactly the opposite. In their treatment of my students, Clinton’s campaign was all talk, while Obama’s was all walk.”

Obama for President!

FREE LOVE Annotated

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Available as a 15-page printable PDF, too, this is the website version. From the intro:
“FREE LOVE: the ongoing rise of free, valuable stuff that’s available to consumers online and offline. From AirAsia tickets to Wikipedia, and from diapers to music.
FREE LOVE thrives on an all-out war for consumers’ ever-scarcer attention and the resulting new business models and marketing techniques, but also benefits from the ever-decreasing costs of producing physical goods, the post-scarcity dynamics of the online world (and the related avalanche of free content created by attention-hungry members of GENERATION C), the many C2C marketplaces enabling consumers to swap instead of spend, and an emerging recycling culture.
Expect FREE LOVE to become an integral if not essential part of doing business.”

Logic+Emotion: Thinking Through The “3 U’s”… Annotated

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The 3 Us — damn that apostrophe, it’s all wrong as used in the article’s title. But if you leave it out, it reads as “the 3 us,” as in *us* or *them*… Regardless, an interesting summing up of what might make applications interesting for users. See notes.

The Shipyard Returns – O’Reilly Radar Annotated

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In Vancouver, Wendy Waters just posted something about using shipping containers for housing (not unknown here in Victoria, with Zigloo right here in the Fernwood neighbourhood), and presto-bingo, here’s a post about using containers to create (one presumes and one hopes affordable) artists’ workspaces! Yes, that would be welcome: someplace for the low-cash-flow creatives to live & work…

The Many Facets Of Tomoko Sawada – PingMag

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This is beautiful, and incredible. Tomoko Sawada works, I guess, at the interstices of art and acting, a whole new calibre of performance art perhaps? It’s incredible stuff, at any rate. “Who is she?” asks the article. Obviously so talented that it’s easy enough to want to look, but tricky enough to make you think.

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