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by Yule Heibel on March 4, 2008

Libraries as ‘urban hangouts’ Crosscut Seattle

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Nice commentary on Witold Rybczynski’s popular slide essay on Slate. Good to see a native give some feedback on Rybczynski’s take on Seattle library, too. I have to agree with David Brewster that the Salt Lake City Library is a knock-out: really gorgeous.

Excusado Printsystem: Street Art in Colombia – PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” Annotated

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Feast your eyes…! Ping Mag does it again: the street art featured here is Manet for today, is Courbet for contemporaries, is Beckmann for boys (and girls), is Frans Hals and Velasquez for very heavy kids of all persuasions, is just fantastic.

Huh? As fortune declines, newspaper readership rises – Crosscut Seattle Annotated

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Great article by Douglas McLennan (of Arts Journal). I’ve had this open in a browser tab since the end of February — postponing bookmarking it because I felt I needed to annotate it / comment on it appropriately. But now I’m bookmarking it with just one bit of advice: just read the article, especially if you’re interested in newspapers and news media.

The issue McLennan addresses? From the lead-in to the article: “More people are reading newspapers than ever before — on the Web. Yet publishers in Seattle and elsewhere continue to lament their decline. Why are they failing to capitalize on all these new eyeballs?”

Figure it out, Mr or Ms Newspaperperson.

» Das erste siebengeschossige Mehrfamilienhaus in Holzkonstruktion – Neuer Film bei architekturclips.de – architekturvideo.de – Das Video-Blog für Architektur, Stadtplanung und Immobilien Annotated

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Architektur Video dot DE links to a film from Kaden & Klingbeil Architects who are building the first 7-story multifamily apartment block constructed from wood (i.e., NOT concrete).

As you can see from the still photos included here, the construction system includes lots of steel I-beams and rivets, and overall looks *very* different from the usual 4-story and lower wood-frame construction one finds in North America. Overall, the method represents energy savings and environmental advantages, too. As for wood as fire hazard, everything is clad in thick fire-resistant material — I bet this insulates against sound, too.

Fascinating. The video is narrated by Tom Kaden, architect, in German.

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