Daily Diigo Public Link 03/08/2008

by Yule Heibel on March 7, 2008

Why Are Men Who Build Skyscrapers Afraid of This Woman? – Philly Mag Annotated

tags: architecture, critics, inga_saffron, journalists, magazine, philadelphia, skyscrapers

Nice article by Richard Rys about architecture critic Inga Saffron in Philadelphia. Ok, I know I can’t be her, but I loved the article, if only because I wish I had the energy to dress like her — my perennial jeans & t-shirt thing is wearing thin (literally). (Although I DO have a Pashmina shawl EXACTLY like the one she’s wearing. Hmmm, maybe there’s hope — if only sartorial? — for me yet!)

3-D Modeling Advance – MIT Technology Review

tags: 3-d_modeling, mit_techreview, visualization

– Interesting report on Make3D, a (new) web service “that lets users turn a single two-dimensional image of an outdoor scene into an immersive 3-D model.” What I’m especially interested in is how this could be used for an idea I had around a retail application (more on that some other time!), which stalled because the “magic juice” or “potion” was missing. This could well be one key ingredient of same, though…

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