Hypnotized: I think I need a vacation…

by Yule Heibel on May 19, 2008

Musical interlude for this holiday Monday….

I realize that Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mac (here on YouTube) is about something as stupid as UFOs & paranormal shit, but …oh man, I just LURVE this song (words & music)…

I can still remember where I first heard this song: in somebody’s suite (bed-sit) somewhere in Fairfield, a mostly empty living room with nowhere to sit, some arts & crafts-inspired dark-wood-wall-paneled and depressing cave of a room.

But that song! What else suited it? What else but Carlos Castaneda’s tall tales of Don Juan, for to my mind the song’s most enduring lines are “They say there’s a place down in Mexico where a man can fly over mountains and hills — he don’t need an airplane or some kind of engine, he never will…”

YouTube – Fleetwood Mac – Hypnotized

I certainly find this staircase …hypnotizing:

Found via Protein’s feed, which points us to an amazing article in Treehugger, Design for Deconstruction by Alberto Mozó.  This staircase, and the entire building it’s in, is deconstructable, meaning that it can be taken apart and reconstructed on a different site.  Why?  As Treehugger explains:

Zoning determines the value of land, and if your site is zoned for a twelve storey building you can be pretty sure that anything that is a lot smaller is not going to be around for long. You could build it cheap and fast (like they do in North America) or you could design for deconstruction, as Alberto Mozó did for BIP computers in Santiago, Chile. The entire structure is made from laminated timber and can be dismantled and reconstructed elsewhere.

So, if the land is zoned (or upzoned in future) for higher density, but present economics don’t allow maximizing that zone, then instead of building a cheap piece of tear-down, you could build something amazing like Alberto Mozó’s building for BIP, and when the time comes to upzone or increase density/ expand, you take the building apart and reconstruct someplace where it will be useful again.

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