Still here, take two

by Yule Heibel on June 19, 2008

Edit/update (see end of post)

It’s called “take two” because I started an earlier post with the “Still here” title. Somehow, that never made it past the “draft” phase…

This is just a quickie to let whoever still reads here know that I haven’t spontaneously combusted or anything.

It’s busy around me, which is a huge distraction.

My 17-year old is scrambling to finish two courses (one of which is quite grueling) by June 27, so that he is officially done with Grade 12 and can take up his studies at the University of Victoria in September (he was accepted into Year 1 of the B.Com program). Because of the number of tests and the number of hand-in assignments involved, there are constant deadlines.

There’s also a lot of paper flying around, books strewn all over the place, calculus scribbled all over the white board, and so on. And between you and me and the wall, I am going to be very glad when this is over and distance ed./ homeschooling is finished.

Yep, homeschooling and distance education will officially end sometime this summer, since my 14-year old has decided to finish her Gr.12 year at the high school I graduated from oh-so-many years ago.

And since that’s hardly enough, I’m also involved in starting a company. Can’t say much about that — all in production and stealth mode, as it were (actually, nothing to show yet), and my role, aside from muse, inspiration, and resident dragon-ette, is slight (since I couldn’t program my way out of a paper bag), but it’s energy/time-consuming all the same.

Aside from that, I spend my days in general busy-body-ness, sticking my nose into everything local. (Of course the start-up idea is infused by that proclivity, hence my pivotal role — in both worlds.)

Current mood: piqued. By what? Bill 27. I see it as a way for municipalities to assert independence and power, overcome their “creatures of the Province” po’h me attitude, and show some real leadership. All in the name of going green and reducing GHG.

More on that later.

Re. Edit/update: I should add that some of my need to post online what I write gets fulfilled via Twitter and Facebook, which lend themselves to microblogging in spurts (Twitter) and posting “oh wow” sort of links (Facebook).  I have a very small footprint on those sites, though, since I don’t attract a large following (sort of like this blog!), which keeps things easy to manage for me.

And speaking of easy to manage, to date I have not found my way to Jaiku or Pownce or Plurk or even FriendFeed.  Sometimes less is just a bit …less.  Stressful!

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maria June 19, 2008 at 5:29 pm

Good to hear you haven’t self-combusted — and that you are busy with exciting projects!. With homeschooling behind you, time management should get a bit easier, since you won’t be responsible for managing the times of others, as well as yours. Well, not so much of it, at any rate….

I stopped checking Facebook and Twitter — just too much to keep up with and too many applications. I am afraid that Luddite streak is showing up in me these days, as I find it harder and harder to devote more time to the computer, not too mention the toll on the body from all that sitting and typing….

Yule June 21, 2008 at 2:25 pm

Well, I think that Luddite streak is appropriate protest — I’m trying not to lose the habit of writing often, lots, repeatedly, though. That’s the tricky part. So much of my writing reflex has gone online… So when the “Luddite” reflex hits, it also razes my tendency to email (as you will have noticed, Maria!). It’s the kind of scorched earth reflex I try to avoid …so yeah, I twitter, I “chat” with local friends, I post on a forum. Then I worry about how all of that dissipates the “better” writer in me, after which I think, “what better writer?, you kidding me?,” and on it goes.

I just “blogged” a quote by Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter that was dynamite. It was one of those vapid, nothing-added-by-me blog posts I actually despise doing, but I figure I have to ease back into the Post Studio somehow… It’s my conduit, and it needs imports, and it needs me to stretch them. (=Jane Jacobs inspired analogy — you’ll understand when & if I ever get to posting the 5 or so FOCUS articles queued up right now — this bit is from the current June article.)

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