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by Yule Heibel on July 14, 2008

  • Have had this article open in a browser tab for days now — time to bookmark. Along with posts by CEOs for Cities, or Richard Florida, this article too points to the effect that gasoline prices are having on suburban housing, and on the “sudden” desirability of urban living. (Well, I say “sudden” because I’ve *NEVER* understood why anyone would want to live in suburbs instead of living in cities/ densely packed neighbourhoods where you just have to walk a block or two, or less, to find social activity…)

    From the article, QUOTE:
    “Expensive oil is going to transform the American culture as radically as cheap oil did,” predicts David Mogavero, a Sacramento-based architect and smart-growth proponent.
    Even though the area’s housing market has been wracked by price drops of 25% in the last year and one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, Mr. Friedman says he already has sold nine of 28 town houses near downtown that he recently completed, and three more are under contract, “which is not bad considering the dismal state of the Sacramento real-estate market.”

    Mr. Morris, the developer, says the housing downturn is hurting the places that have the “dumbest growth. Smart growth works when the rest of it doesn’t.”

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  • Article about the “Broadway Boulevard” project, which will take some of current automobile lanes and turn them into public seating/ parks and bike paths. The project stresses the importance of wresting public space back from cars, for public/ pedestrian/ non-vehicular use.

    “Broadway is not famous because there are a gazillion cars going through it,” she said. “We’re trying to have the public space match the name.”

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