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by Yule Heibel on July 19, 2008

  • For future reference: Berger’s article about a report by architectural firm RMJM, which identifies America’s top 10 best-designed cities. His article focuses on the aspect of heritage preservation, which factors into RMJM’s weighting and criteria, and he notes that Portland seems to beat out Seattle.

    From there, Berger segues into whether or not (or to what extent) citizens are “pleased with their urban architecture,” and observes that only LA residents are “less happy with their city” than Seattlites. (I’m not sure how he manages the leap from heritage preservation to ‘being pleased” by contemporary/new architecture, but there you have it.)

    Anyway, the really useful thing about this article is that Berger lists the 7 categories RMJM used to answer the question, “what makes a design-savvy city?”, and also summarizes each aspect (with commentary of his own, in italics). All in all, the list makes a great framework for thinking about urban design.

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