Image stealing, but the girl can’t help herself…

by Yule Heibel on July 27, 2008

Ok, so I’m not supposed to “rip” images from directly, but this one is so great, it would be a shame just to point to it:

Isn’t that a beauty? (I mean everything: the cars, the photo, the framing of the shot…)  It’s by  Maple Musketeer, and the shot is from this page.

Note, by the way, that it was taken yesterday (7/26).  It looks old, but it’s simply one (correction: two) of the many vintage cars you’ll see in this climate (they don’t rust, they just eventually fade away…), and the photographer has toned it (sepia?) to suggest age.  Across the street you can make out the sign for “Westbank,” which is the presentation centre for a development corporation.  The building it’s in used to house Ballantyne Florists, the building itself is by John di Castri, a local mid- to late-20th century architect of some (local) renown.

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Yule February 22, 2009 at 10:52 pm

The photographer who took the photo you see in this post, Jordan Oram, commented on this blog today, but since I had already closed comments to this post, he left his comment on a more recent entry (Blogging in 4 places). Below is his comment, followed by my response. I copied & pasted both to this entry, since that’s where they should be recorded.

Whoa so you totally used my pic LOL I’m glad you liked it 😀

“Image stealing, but the girl can’t help herself…”
picture of an old car (well two..) in front of the Wicket.. funny thing being that I didn’t particularily care for the shot LOL

My response:

Hey, Jordan! Thanks for commenting, and thanks for not minding that I posted your photo to my blog. I just opened comments again to the post you’re referencing (Image stealing, but the girl can’t help herself…), and I’ll copy & paste your comment (and my response) there, too.
I’m glad you took that photo, even if it’s not one of your favorites – and happy that you posted it to flickr using the Creative Commons license …and whew, I’m also glad that I was careful to give you credit for the photo, as far as I could ascertain who you were from your flickr “Maple Musketeer” profile, except I missed your real name, Jordan Oram.
I see you’ve added (2/22) some nice shots from Dallas Rd looking toward Juan de Fuca Strait. Amazing colors!

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