I’ll be back (i.e., I am back)

by Yule Heibel on September 24, 2008

A quick sign of life from me, the semi-absent blog owner: after another month of slacking (because I was too busy doing other stuff), I now resolve — nay, promise! — to get back to regular blogging.

Some astute readers may have noticed that I stopped posting my Daily Diigo bookmarks.  I’ll re-institute them.

And I will try to stop obsessing about how I’m doing everything wrong …and instead just do it.

Heck, at least when I “just do it,” I’m not melting down the entire continent’s friggin’ economy.  That’s some small comfort, but you take it wherever you can get it, these days.

I’ve been sick to my stomach over the various elections and political events — whether the American election (in which I can vote as an absentee voter; although, being registered in Massachusetts, my vote for Obama doesn’t matter as much as I’d like it to), or the Canadian federal election (I’m also a Canadian citizen, so I get to vote here, but people?, all I can say is “ick” to what I’m looking at on this ballot), or the Victoria municipal election (double, triple, quadruple ick!), or now the hugely ICK! revelations bubbling forth from the sleaze that ran (runs?) Wall Street.  All of that adds to smaller, more personal demons and phobias.

But, as they say, Was tun? Keep going.  Just keep going.

Sometimes it takes just a small spark (like listening to an interesting speaker at a UDI Victoria luncheon today).  Just keep going.

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