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by Yule Heibel on March 29, 2009

I’m “neglecting” my blog lately (tho’ I hate using that word, as it makes me sound like neglect is optional).

(The give-away was that for a couple of weeks running, I don’t even have a Diigo linkroll update, except for today’s single entry…)

Earlier this month, I blogged What’s my domain?, where I wondered whether I should break away from the brand and stake out my own. So far, I have achieved no practical progress on that front, although I did secure my domain name. In the comments thread to my post, Harvard’s Daniel Collis-Puro pointed out that I benefit from association with the Harvard brand. True, but I need to weigh benefits and negatives, which I haven’t done so far.

The problem is this: I get caught up in different projects that require my attention, and I like to have plenty of time when I’m not “on.” In total, it means I’m not sure I could maintain the kind of daily and persistent output that all things “brand” require. If I don’t bother maintaining my “brand,” however, there’s no point in starting it.

So…, still figuring this one out.

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Davin Greenwell March 30, 2009 at 1:09 am

“Harvard’s Daniel Collis-Puro pointed out that I benefit from association with the Harvard brand.”

For what it is worth, while I suppose what Daniel says is true, it’s your name that people are coming to your blog for. Harvard lends credibility, but that can also (and more appropriately) be done through your “About” page. I think it’s neat that you have an association with Harvard, but that is not why I come here. I come for your thoughts.

An unmistakable negative thing about moving your URL is that, of course, all the linking progress (from external sites and search engines) that has been made in this space will have to be temporarily put on hold when you move. But the links will happen again, and with a 301 redirect you’ll retain almost all your traffic.

I’ve switched domains a couple of times so I’ve noticed how easy it is to lose traffic. That would be my biggest concern. Because of this I chose a domain that matched my identity for the rest of my foreseeable life. Once I moved into the space, it really felt like home, as corny as that may sound. There is also something very professional about using your full name as a URL in my view.

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